bailed out of jailNorwalk, like any other city in America, has local bail bonds companies. But what exactly do bail bonds companies do, and when would you need them? I found a local bail bonds website that had a lot of good info that I used in my summary below.

The best place to start this explanation is to explain exactly what bail is. When a person is arrested, they are taken to jail and depending on the progression of the investigation they may have to remain in jail for a significant period of time. This is not helpful for either the person in jail or for that matter the city itself as everyone who spends time in prison costs the city a lot of money.

That is where the system of bail comes into play. Every person who is awaiting trial in jail will be offered the opportunity of being released on bail dependent on bail being paid. The bail amount set for everyone is not the same and will vary due to some reasons. There will be certain circumstances where bail will not be granted, but this is usually for the most severe offenses, such as murder, where the judge might feel that the risk is simply too high to allow the accused out of jail.

In most cases, though bail will be granted although the judge will decide exactly how much bail will be set at. Once the judge has set the bail amount, all that remains is for the subject to pay the bond, and then the subject will be released from prison. Unfortunately, the bail amount can be quite significant as one of its purposes is to ensure that the accused returns to court for the hearing. While it may seem quite draconian, that is one of the main reasons why bail amounts can be set quite high.

This then causes the accused and the family of the defendant a problem because if the bond has been set at $100,000, it is unlikely that many families will be able to raise that amount of cash quickly. That is where a bail bonds company steps in. A bail bond company will cover the entire cost of the bail, ensuring that the accused is released from prison as quickly as possible. There is, however, a significant cost for utilizing this service, normally somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of the total bail.

In our example, that would mean paying the bail bonds company $10,000 none of which would be refundable. It is also important to note that even if it is proved that the accused was wrongly arrested, the fee for providing the bail will still not be returned, so make sure you understand this before entering into any agreement.

By paying the fee for the bail bondsman, you get the accused released as quickly as possible, but you also benefit from not having to ask other people for money towards the bail. This means that you can keep the incident relatively confidential, which some people find very valuable. It can be an expensive purchase but is one of those services that when required can deliver excellent value for money.